You have heard it said “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. What they failed to mention is that eggs break if you drop them and gold does not. You alone should decide how much of your investment portfolio you allot to precious metals. The physical gold and silver markets are debt free assets that historically rise with inflation and have never been worthless. A precious metals IRA also has far less variables than the stock market or managed mutual funds.

  • Precious metals have a track record of over 2,500 years.
  • Gold and silver historically move inversely to fiat currencies. The history of mankind is one of destruction of societies currencies and you can agree that is unlikely to change anytime soon.
  • Over your life you have seen the dollars buying power shrink and that value of gold and silver rise.
  • In a society that’s leveraged to the hilt gold and silver are 100% debt free assets.

All Gold Companies Are Not Created Equal

The Certified Gold Exchange, Inc. only deals with widely traded physical gold and silver investment products. By purchasing only the most popular precious metals brands you can liquidate quickly and with confidence. Other precious metals companies use obscure items to hide their high markups.

We are a market beater, not a market maker. We check other reputable dealers’ prices (in quantity) using the Google algorithm and then beat those quotes on the buy and sell-side of your investment. We back up all your transactions with our PriceMatchPlus® Guarantee.


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